Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recipes with Leftover Crock Pot Black Beans

After making the Crock Pot Black Beans the other day, I had tons of left overs.  I started to think of ways to use them up.  Here are a few easy meal which use these delicious beans.

Black Bean Soup

crock pot black beans

veg stock

Tapatio, or your favorite hot sauce

sprinkling of fresh scallions

sprinkling of chopped fresh radish

sprinkling of chopped fresh cabbage

sprinkling of chopped fresh cilantro

Just add enough veg stock to the beans to make a soupy consistency.  The amount depends upon how much bean mixture you start out with.  Heat on a medium flame or in the microwave.  Top with Tapatio, fresh scallions, radishes, cabbage, and cilantro.

Stupid easy!


How about burritos?!?  The thick, creamy consistency of these beans makes for some awesome veggie burritos.

Italian Inspired Black Bean and Veg Burritos

whole wheat tortillas 

generous scoop of crock pot black beans

handful of arugula

1T store bought balsamic vinaigrette (I like Paul Newman’s brand.)

1T pesto (Store bought or from GFYG recipe below.)

small handful of alfalfa sprouts

a sprinkling of thawed frozen corn

a couple of kalamata olives, chopped

Heat up the black beans on medium heat.  You can also heat them up in the microwave on high for about 20-30 seconds.  Be sure to cover them.  Stir.  Heat tortilla in a skillet until pliable.  Not for too long or it will get crispy and crack when you fold it.  Mix arugula with balsamic vinaigrette and set aside.  Spread pesto in the middle of the tortilla and add beans.  Top with dressed arugula, sprouts, corn, and olives.  Fold up and enjoy!  

If you’re looking for extra flavor you can add some Trader Joe’s corn salsa.


So, there you have it.  Two easy-peasy recipes great for those evenings you don’t want to get out the big guns.  Oh, and Marco went crazy over them!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Crock Pot Black Beans

I’ve always been afraid of making beans from scratch.  For some reason the whole process of soaking and cooking puts me off.  I’ve always been a “beans in a can” kind of gal.  Well, after paying a visit to Dr. McDougall’s web site and checking out a couple of his utube videos this morning, I decided to dig out the old crock pot and give it a try.  I mean, really, what could go wrong?  Worst case scenario, I’d end up tossing a bag of $2 beans. 

Crock Pot Black Beans

Dried black beans

drinking water

1/2 chopped onion

2 dried bay leaves

1t dried, ground cumin

1t dried oregano

3 whole garlic cloves

1 can veg stock


This is sooooo easy!  Rinse the beans and check for little pebbles.  Dump the beans in a crock pot and cover with water.  You want the water to be about 2 inches above the beans, and you want the total contents to only fill the crock pot half way to give them room to expand.  Add onion, bay leaves, cumin, dried oregano, and garlic.  Give it a good stir, cover, set on high, and forget it for about 6 hours.  When it’s done, stir it up.  If it ends up being too dry, add some veg stock.  Salt to taste at the very end.  You can eat them whole or mash them up a bit to make a more creamy mixture.  

So, there you have it!  You can use them as a side dish, put in a burrito, or serve them in a bowl with a little hot sauce for dip!  Soooooo good!

Mamacita Chula Soyriso and Veggies

This afternoon I was taking inventory of my fridge and found some leftover Soyriso in the freezer.  It’s such good stuff, but very intense in flavor, so I never use up a whole package at once.  Not wanting to lose it to freezer burn, I came up with this really easy, quick dish.  Full of Mexican flavors and lots of spice.  

Mamacita Chula Soyriso and Veggies

6 medium red potatoes

about 1/4 to 1/3 of a Soyriso sausage

2 zucchini, chopped into 1/2  inch cubes

1/2 red bell pepper, chopped into 1/4 inch pieces 

3 scallions, chopped into 1/4 inch pieces 

8 oz sliced mushrooms

a generous sprinkle of garlic powder

2 huge handfuls of chopped fresh spinach, more if you like

1 handful of chopped fresh cilantro

Tapatio, or your favorite hot sauce

Cut the potatoes into about 1 inch cubes and boil until tender, but still firm.  Meanwhile, crumble the Soyriso in a heavy skillet for a few minutes.  You don’t need much  since it’s so spicy and hot.  Add the zucchini and cook for a few minutes.  Add the bell, scallions, mushrooms, and garlic powder.  Cook until all the veg are tender.  Drain the potatoes when done and toss them in the veggie mixture until completely coated with all the spicy goodness.  Turn off heat, add the spinach, and cover .  When the spinach is wilted, toss in the chopped cilantro, and it’s done!  Top with Tapatio hot sauce.  

You can change out the potatoes for sweet potato or butternut squash.  Plate it up with refried beans and a green salad and your set!  Oh, don’t forget the XX with lime.