Friday, August 7, 2009

Crock Pot Black Beans

I’ve always been afraid of making beans from scratch.  For some reason the whole process of soaking and cooking puts me off.  I’ve always been a “beans in a can” kind of gal.  Well, after paying a visit to Dr. McDougall’s web site and checking out a couple of his utube videos this morning, I decided to dig out the old crock pot and give it a try.  I mean, really, what could go wrong?  Worst case scenario, I’d end up tossing a bag of $2 beans. 

Crock Pot Black Beans

Dried black beans

drinking water

1/2 chopped onion

2 dried bay leaves

1t dried, ground cumin

1t dried oregano

3 whole garlic cloves

1 can veg stock


This is sooooo easy!  Rinse the beans and check for little pebbles.  Dump the beans in a crock pot and cover with water.  You want the water to be about 2 inches above the beans, and you want the total contents to only fill the crock pot half way to give them room to expand.  Add onion, bay leaves, cumin, dried oregano, and garlic.  Give it a good stir, cover, set on high, and forget it for about 6 hours.  When it’s done, stir it up.  If it ends up being too dry, add some veg stock.  Salt to taste at the very end.  You can eat them whole or mash them up a bit to make a more creamy mixture.  

So, there you have it!  You can use them as a side dish, put in a burrito, or serve them in a bowl with a little hot sauce for dip!  Soooooo good!

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